Amazing Ops Pilot

From Production to Mastering, we were able to add that high end production feel throughout the whole pipeline.

Last year, we had the opportunity to travel to L.A. and spend 3 weeks to film a new pilot for a really cool series called Amazing Ops.  With a grueling production schedule, we were on set to not only provide VFX Supervision but also Co-Direct, capture BTS and provide DIT service.

Without need to say more, things turned out wonderfully.  See for yourself:

Of course, a trailer this exciting requires extensive pre-planning on the visual effects aspect of the pilot.  The VFX Supervisor and Direction have to sit down and go through each scene to determine what was going to be done practical, CG or a composite of both.

Here is a glimpse of the director, Frank Gugliuzzi and his Co-Director Jacky Wan blocking out a shot and how it came to fruition.

After the 3 weeks of production, we came back to Canada with a ton of great footage.  Finally VFX gets to flex it’s muscles.  We’ve determined the establishing shot critical to the story will be from the perspective of the Drone that was in the area the time of the attack.

DischargeNo campaign would feel polished without a brand identity that matched the visual look and feel of the rest of the pilot.  We were up to the task of forming this new brand with elements that reminisced of military, action and heroism.  The unmistakable opening of the discharge of a 5.56mm round from an AR-15 should hit home with those familiar with the weapon system and american culture.


If you’ve enjoyed this case study on Amazing Ops, check out some of our BTS photos of the pre-production and production in San Diego.