The Team

We’re actually really fun.

Key Staff

Jacky Wan, Creative Director | VFX Supervisor

Jacky has been in the same field all this life.  He’s never done anything else in another industry.  All he’s ever known is the world of 3D graphics and animation.  You can trust Jacky on anything that has to do with motion graphics and VFX.  Some say he only dreams in 3D geometry…  


Kenneth Wan, Business Manager | Cinematographer

Ken is the anti Jacky.  He lives in a more tangible reality.  So numbers, quotes and contracts get defaulted to him.  His approach to imagery is through a lens.  Needless to say, Ken and Jacky don’t have the same creative approach but nevertheless compliment each other’s skills.   

Frank Gugluizzi, Multi-Role Producer

Frank Gugluizzi, Producer | Director | Writer

Franky is a producer on steroids.  His day to day changes from handholding a Red Epic on set for 6 hours straight to flying to LA for a pitch to sourcing out a helicopter for the next shoot to negotiating a software contra deal.  No one knows how he does it but he does it.  He lives in Franky land where all of these things are possible for one person to do.