401 Dixie Nissan: Anyone Can Do It

Our friends at Design Cellar Inc. had an idea in mind.  They wanted to create a 30 sec TV spot for a local automotive retailer but they wanted more than the usual flair.  The goal was to put in the quality and polish that can make this local dealership’s ad feel like one from a national campaign while keeping the cost within reach of a local dealership.

We stepped up to the plate to realize this neat little script which involves an animal mascot.  Using our Blackmagic 4K production Camera Kit and Canon L Lenses, we were able to acquire RAW quality footage in 4K.  A much more dynamic format than the usual camcorder or HSDLR can resolve.

This sharp quality footage was matched with the smooth and polished motion graphics that we are known for and finally capping off the commercial with a 3D animated Nissan logo custom designed by us to finish the package.

The spot is quick, fun, to the point and perfectly timed.  Hard to tell this was a local dealership campaign vs a big budget national campaign.

Director of Photography and Editing:  Kenneth Wan, Thoughtform Digital Inc.
Motion Graphics and Animation:  Jacky Wan, Thoughtform Digital Inc.

Gear Used


  • Genus Sherpa Shoulder Rig
  • Benro S8 Tripod Kit
  • Lowel DP 1K Lights
  • KinoFlow Divas Tungsten
  • 9ft Vinyl Green Screen with Stands
  • SmallHD AC7 Monitor
  • Atomos Connect S2H Converter
  • Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Mic with Zoom H6