8-bit Motion Controlled Timelapse for Flowalistik Characters

Crazy, Fun and Retro

There are timelapses, really premium timelapses with motion controlled movements and then there are just some crazy awesome ideas that kick it up to a new level.  This idea we had was the latter.

Out of the box, fun, timed to music, mixed with 8-bit themed motion graphics for a cool new set of low poly retro game characters from the designer Flowalistik all 3D Printed on an Ultimaker 2Go.  We wanted all the visual elements to come together and convey how exciting 3D printing is with colour, movement and sound.

Commissioned by:  Ultimaker B.V.
Direction and Photography:  Kenneth Wan (Thoughtform Digital Inc.)
Animation and Motion Graphics:  Jacky Wan (Thoughtform Digital Inc.)
Models Designed by:  Flowalistik