Ultimaker 2Go and Extended 3D Printers

International Promo

We’ve launched two brand new videos for Ultimaker to showcase the two new printers they’ve added to the Ultimaker 2 line.  Each of the videos caters to the target markets of the 2 new printers.  

This was a big spot to shoot as it was being filmed in both Toronto Canada and also with our counterparts in the Netherlands.  We ahd to keep the look consistent between the vastly different landscapes and styles in either country so we were very happy to be able to host Lars Ham as the Director for both the Netherlands and Canadian locations.

In this promo, we were able to take a more lifestyle oriented approach instead of from a technical perspective.  We want to show how the Ultimaker 3D printers are able to be integrated into every learning, work and fun.

Client:  Ultimaker B.V.
Produced by:  VLA Films (Netherlands), Thoughtform Digital Inc. (Canada)
Director:  Lars Ham, VLA Films
Director of Photography:  Kenneth Wan, Thoughtform Digital Inc.
Post Production & Audio:  VLA Films (Netherlands)

Here are some BTS from the 6 shoot days we had in Toronto.